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Special Needs Trusts for Adult Disabled Child Support

Campbell Child Support and Special Needs Trust Lawyer

Even under the most ideal circumstances, getting divorced is rarely easy. Divorcing couples are forced to deal with a myriad of issues that can be life-changing. However, the stress of getting divorced could be magnified if the family includes a child with special needs.

Unwavering Support to Parents of Special Needs Children

For more than 16 years, Campbell child support attorney Janet M. Miller provided unwavering support to families with loved ones who have special needs. As a parent of a child with special needs, she is passionate about helping families put the right safeguards in place that can increase their loved ones’ quality of life.

She also has a clear understanding of all the factors that must be taken into consideration when establishing special needs trusts. Ms. Miller’s extensive background in family law and estate planning has proven to be invaluable to countless families throughout San Jose, California.

Getting divorced can be emotionally daunting. However, nothing is more important than your child’s best interests. Campbell special needs trust attorney Ms. Miller can help ensure your child’s well being does not get overshadowed by other pressing issues. For experienced representation in San Jose, contact us for a free half-hour consultation in Campbell, California.

Value of Establishing Special Needs Trusts

As a parent of a child with special needs, you know how important it is to make sure your child has access to quality care. This can come at a high cost financially. If you are going through a divorce, our Campbell special needs trust lawyer can protect your child’s eligibility to continue receiving needs based government benefits in the future.

Child support paid to the custodial parent typically terminates when the child attains the age of 18. However, children with special needs may be entitled to adult disabled child support.

Attorney Janet Miller can help establish a first-party special needs trust into which adult disabled child support can be deposited, thus allowing the disabled adult child’s needs based benefits to continue. She has a strong background establishing first-party special needs trusts to ensure disabled adults remain eligible to obtain SSI benefits.

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If you are going through a divorce and have a child with special needs, experienced representation is paramount. Attorney Janet Miller knows how to protect your child’s best interests based on her extensive background in family law and estate planning. Contact her law firm today for a free and confidential initial consultation in Campbell, California.