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Child & Spousal Support

Campbell Child And Spousal Support Lawyer

The Law Office of Janet M. Miller offers capable representation in the determination or modification of child support, and in the negotiation or litigation of spousal support in divorce. Ms. Miller’s background in finance and her advocacy for special needs children prove invaluable for the complex legal issues involved.

Determining Child Support

California child support is based on state formulas, with income representing a major factor. Janet Miller holds an MBA in finance, enabling her to decipher tax forms, business balance sheets, bank statements and other data to discover actual incomes for accurate determination of support obligations. She can sort out taxable and nontaxable income, and in particular, trace the true income of self-employed parents.

Support for Children With Special Needs

Child support usually ends at age 18. Many parents do not realize that a child who is disabled may be entitled to support beyond 18.

Janet Miller is experienced in establishing conservatorships once the disabled child reaches legal independence at age 18, and special needs trusts so that the adult child can receive Social Security Disability (SSI) benefits and child support.

Spousal Support (Alimony)

  • Temporary spousal support is typically awarded while the divorce is pending, with the higher-earning spouse making monthly payments based on a formula.
  • Although “permanent” spousal support is discretionary, Janet Miller will analyze the statutory factors used, as they pertain to your particular case, to reach the amount of support.

San Jose spousal support attorney Janet M. Miller seeks to obtain fair and reasonable support through sophisticated financial investigation. Contact Ms. Miller today at 408-445-2944 for a free 15-minute telephone consultation.