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Child Custody & Visitation

Campbell Child Custody Attorney

Located in Campbell, California, attorney Janet M. Miller strives to find common ground in child custody and visitation matters. She has years of experience protecting children’s best interests through the turmoil of a custody battle.

Years of Experience Pursuing Workable Solutions

Our Campbell child custody lawyer understands the difficulty of remaining calm when dealing with a contested family law matter. Attorney Janet Miller’s clients appreciate her willingness to listen to their concerns and her ability to present workable solutions in understandable terms.

She understands that some issues leave no room for compromise. Clients can feel confident knowing attorney Miller can effectively litigate under such circumstances. For experienced results throughout San Jose, contact our law firm for a free half-hour consultation in Campbell.

Pursuing Out-of-Court Resolutions

To the extent possible, Ms. Miller encourages parents to reach out-of-court custody/visitation agreements. She counsels clients on likely outcomes regarding custody and visitation, if the matter is decided in court. If primary custody is not a consideration, Ms. Miller prepares compelling arguments to increase timeshare.

Modifying Child Custody Arrangements in San Jose

Parenting agreements can be altered by mutual agreement (a new job schedule, an older child’s wish to live with dad) or contested in a modification hearing. Requests to relocate can often evolve into contentious litigation. Ms. Miller represents the moving or the non-moving parent, seeking to resolve parent relocation through negotiations on equitable timeshare, travel arrangements, and adjustments to child support.

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