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Parents lose parental rights when their child with developmental disabilities attains the age of 18. A limited conservatorship provides the parents with the legal right to continue to protect the interests of their adult child with developmental disabilities. General conservatorships are available to protect the rights of individuals who have lost capacity to manage their personal and/or financial affairs.

Take Proactive Measures to Protect Your Adult Child

From her office in Campbell, California, attorney Janet Miller has extensive experience establishing general conservatorships and limited conservatorships for disabled adults. Contact our Campbell conservatorship lawyer for a free 30-minute consultation and learn how she can put the right measures in place to protect your loved one’s best interests.

Limited Conservatorships for Adult Children

When a developmentally disabled person turns 18, he or she becomes an adult in the eyes of the law, and without the creation of a limited conservatorship, the parents no longer have legal rights regarding that child.

Obviously, the opportunities for exploitation by others, as well as misfortunes through poor judgment or inexperience, make it highly desirable that a trusted family member or friend continues to protect and advocate for the developmentally disabled individual.

Attorney Janet Miller can help persons in this situation file a petition for limited conservatorship. The court will appoint a conservator, usually a parent and/or other close relative, to supervise the most important decisions his or her vulnerable child or sibling might make.

Ms. Miller’s extensive experience in the service system for the disabled proves invaluable in serving families with special needs members. She receives many referrals from that community from parents as well as professionals serving the developmentally disabled population.

Ms. Miller can also establish a special needs trust in conjunction to provide financial security for your adult disabled child.

Protecting Vulnerable Adults From the Risk of Exploitation

For more than 16 years, attorney Janet M. Miller has helped clients throughout San Jose protect their loved ones’ best interests through establishing conservatorships. She has a clear understanding of the factors that must be taken into consideration when helping families preserve their family members’ well-being and financial affairs.

If you are interested in being appointed as a conservator, experienced representation is paramount. Attorney Janet Miller knows how to illustrate why you are the most trusted individual to protect the conservatee’s best interests and eliminate the risk for exploitation. Contact her law firm in Campbell, California, to learn how she can help you navigate through the legal process.

What Is a General Conservatorship?

General conservatorships are designed to protect individuals who are no longer able to manage their personal and/or financial affairs. This can be a highly emotional process for everyone involved. Campbell general conservatorship lawyer Janet Miller is highly effective at helping families put the right safeguards in place, while protecting individuals’ independence as much as possible.

Ms. Miller has extensive experience establishing general conservatorships through probate. She is committed to addressing your concerns and making the process as clear as possible.

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Janet Miller is herself the parent of a disabled child. She understands firsthand the difficulty in navigating the complicated service system, and the need for parents to obtain a limited conservatorship. She has served the disability community in various capacities, including as a board member of the San Andreas Regional Center. Contact her Campbell office online or call 408-445-2944 for a free and confidential initial consultation.