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Campbell Family Law & Probate Attorney Serving Clients in San Jose

Campbell attorney Janet Miller brings a distinctive set of skills and talents to clients with family law, estate planning and conservatorship matters in the San Jose metropolitan area. Her finance and accounting background enables her to analyze the most complex issues in property division and to advise clients on the most advantageous estate planning strategies. Her in-depth knowledge of California’s service system for the disabled provides valuable insight for parents of children with special needs.

Analytical Focus and Compassionate Approach to Family Law and Probate Matters

Ms. Miller has years of experience handling a broad range of family law matters in San Jose, including complex divorce issues such as:

  • Marital property settlements, equitable distribution of property
  • Spousal support and child support
  • Child custody and parenting rights

She also has a strong background protecting her clients’ best interests in relation to:

Janet Miller is an experienced, compassionate advocate committed to resolving divorce and family law and estate planning matters outside of court. However, she is also a formidable lawyer when litigation is the necessary alternative.

Janet Miller Understands Families With Special Needs

Attorney Janet Miller is a mother of a special needs child. Her personal and legal experience has proven highly valuable to many families who have loved ones with special needs.

As a former board member of the San Andreas Regional Center, Ms. Miller is familiar with the local services, programs, and benefits available to families with special needs children. She offers a full range of family law, estate planning, and probate services to help families protect their loved ones’ best interests.

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Attorney Janet Miller listens attentively to understand her clients’ unique legal concerns and cultivates relationships built on trust and confidence. Her level-headed approach to even the most contentious matters goes far to help her clients make sound choices and avoid future disputes.

You deserve to be confident knowing attorney Janet Miller will apply her years of experience and legal resources to protect your best interests. Contact her law firm today online or call 408-445-2944 for a free 15 telephone consultation in Campbell, California.