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Campbell, California, Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Razor-Sharp Focus On Your Personal and Financial Needs

For the complex and emotional issues of ending a marriage, Campbell divorce attorney Janet Miller provides compassionate guidance and effective representation. Her experience and financial background enable her to explain your best options and protect your interests.

She Listens and Works Toward a Common-Sense Solution

Attorney Janet Miller takes the time to understand her clients’ situations and presents them with likely outcomes. In her experience, clients are more satisfied in the long run if they can resolve as many issues as possible before involving the courts.

However, if litigation cannot be avoided, she is a strong and formidable advocate in the courtroom. Contact her law firm in Campbell, California, to learn how she can protect your best interests in relation to:

The Law Office of Janet M. Miller strives for out-of-court resolutions in all aspects of divorce.

Patience, Restraint and Strategy

Ms. Miller is sympathetic to the emotions and stress of divorce. With that understanding, she works to ensure that emotional issues do not interfere with your judgment during the process. She also counsels clients to be patient with a difficult process avoiding litigation over inconsequential issues in order to make it easier to reach a reasonable, global settlement.

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From offices in Campbell, divorce lawyer Janet M. Miller represents clients in communities throughout Santa Clara County. Her MBA in finance, legal acumen, and steady approach combine to protect your rights and find solutions for complex issues. 408-445-2944 or contact her office for a free 15-minute telephone consultation.